Thursday, August 9, 2012

PMCPP Has Moved On To Greener Pastures!

I mean, it's not like this site got many readers to begin with -- thanks to the 21,000 or so of you who stopped by since 2007, of course -- but it's clear that I was never actually going to do anything with this blog. Now that I'm getting paid to write on the internet for a living, I figured it was time for a change.

With that in mind, check out, a wonderful new blog I'll actually be updating weekly for reals this time! No longer just a blog that is making fun of Paul McCartney in a tongue in cheek manner, I'll now be doing musical analysis of all sorts of shitty pop songs.

Hope you'll join me over there, and thanks for reading this train wreck while it lasted!


Christian Krueger said...
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Christian Krueger said...

Yeah he's not the best, but he is a well rounded musician, capable of playing and composing on multiple instruments and singing while performing on them. I give him props for having creativity compared to the garbage that's being put out there today.

-not my favorite beatle, and kind of a sellout compared to john who as a soloist sang about real issues, but i'll take any beatle over most pop artists today. Rhianna, Madonna, Kanye, Gaga, Miley, Jay (rockafeller-wannabe douchebag) Z, niki minaj, bieber, eat your heart out. Eat it, choke on it, pray for forgiveness and die. LOL

Or wake up a realize what's being shoved down your throats by the music industry is a sick excuse for music, designed to instill nihilism (a lack of belief in anything - often related to relativism), materialism, worship of ungodly idols, poor role models, debauchery, a lack of anything sacred, general negativity, and regurgitated, industrialized, post-modern crap into the minds our youth and anyone else unfortunate to listen to it. I'm not even 22 yet and this is blatantly evident to me, for many well documented and shocking reasons for which there is a body of evidence if one wants to search the web for the truth behind the music industry and ultimately much of the economic, social and political mechanisms in the world.

Time to take the red pill folks, as Morpheus would say.

Put that in your blog and smoke it.

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Sorry to have found your blog so late.. I am a cassette collector.. and am running out of money. so it's a good thing that Macca's tapes (even original first edition Apples) only sell for 99 cents.. Gee, I wonder why that is?
Look I don't hate the guy.. in fact I really loved his original "homemade" album, even though it set the stage for all his subsequent releases..
Furthermore, he's a whole lo0t better piano player than his deceased wife (not to speak ill of the dead, as I really *liked* her.. she didn't have a phony bone in her body.. anyone who knew her would attest to this).
Paul has gotten too old though.. and the fame he claimed he "detested" has surely overtaken him..
Last album I really liked of his was "Venus and Mars".. and I only paid bargain bin prices for it..
OK John may have been a caustic SOB, especially after a few, but his disappointment in where Macca was taking the legacy of the world's greatest band, was well matter how harshly he may have stated it..However, I still wish both P and R the very best!!

gabylan said...

the funny side

gabylan said...

the funny side

Timitzi said...

The difference between this blogger and Paul is that Paul wrote new music and got far with it, whereas this chap's wasting his time having such an insignificant research.

Also, Paul's an amazing singer.

Seirena Brot said...

The Song Of Paul McCartney "The Art of McCartney" when released???

general manager said...

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IGMartin said...

LMAO ! First-time reader of the blog. I'm laughing at the inanity of the effort to downplay (pun intented) Paul's piano playing (and John´s by the way). You can write all you want and do your simplistic chordal analysis, but millions and millions of people - among them many trained musicians - would just recognize the originality, creativity, huge talent and musical gusto any of the Beatles had and their impact on everything that followed them.

Hey Jude´s verse has basically 3 chords and it is played with simple chord inversions? Yeah, and what about it? Have you ever written, dreamed or tried to pair with a melody so simple and instantly catchy but yet so powerful. Give me a break! :-). Yes, the piano or keyboard is sometimes on a second plane. So? That's where it is needed and where it does its magic (The Night Before, The Word for example. ). That the initial mellotron phrase in I´m the Walrus is repeated as to not match the underlying chord movement? Sure, that is why it is noticed and remembered and why it adds a powerful discordant element to the intro that gets in your face and contributes to getting your attention. Do you imagine for a second they didn't notice things like these? That is just you, the genius that is discovering them! :-) Those details are part of the originality and boldness you find in most of the Beatles' music and it is almost totally absent in most of the mushy over-produced, tasteless, melody-less crap they call music today. Want a simple Bach-like movement but equally beautiful, easily recognizable and unforgettable?. Cry for No One. Since you are so talented, please come up with a more catchy, rhythmic and hooky intro than the one in Lady Madonna. While you´re at it, would you ever think of throwing in something remotely similar to the piano ending of Magical Mystery Tour, slighty atonal, whimsical, rhythmically interesting; ane the beginning of Obladi, Oblada, yes, with the minor second "bad" note thrown in. Ah, and most of the time, with unique timbres that instantly get your attention.

I´m still having a hard time convincing myself that this is not a tong-in-cheek site. If it is, I'm laughing with you. If it isn't I'll still laugh but at you! :-)


This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.