Friday, December 24, 2010

PMCPP Presents: Wonderful Christmastime

Special Christmas Edition!
PMCPP Analysis #24
KEY: Bb Major (in kind of a fake-ass attempt at mixolydian mode)

I figured I'd get in the holiday spirit and make it so I at least updated this shit ONCE since what, June? Either way, this is pretty much just Paul's amazingly lame attempt to ride on John's coattails once again.

THE PIANO: This is an amazing case of somehow making an already incredibly easy sounding piano part sound more complicated than it actually is. The synth part is set to repeat notes that are hit on it several times so every time he hits a chord he can basically just sit there for the rest of the measure after hitting it once and just waits as it repeats over and over on its own. The most variation he has other than hitting it at the start of the measure is the occasional batch of eighth notes and a tiny little repeated line in the treble that might actually be a guitar part, it's almost impossible to tell since every instrument in this song sounds the same.

The pedal point in the bass turns the synth part from sickeningly easy to unbelievably easy, if it weren't unbelievable enough already.

LAZINESS IN SONGWRITING: Your garden variety Bb major chords here, I, ii, iii, IV, V and vi... almost all over a pedal point of Bb. Come on Paul, seriously? It sounds like the song is trying and straining to be in the mixolydian mode considering the flatVII chord that we see in the chorus, but unfortunately Paul even manages to fuck that up by inserting the V chord for a split second during the bridge. Way to go!

Part of the reason that I think this song is lame is that it really sounds... well, incomplete. It's got the verses and the choruses and the bridge but it all just ... well, it all sounds exactly the same. It's like a really bouncy version of your average strophic song except trying its hardest to not be strophic. When the lyrics are your average idiotic Christmas fare, you really can't get away with subpar music like we have here. It makes the entire thing just seem like Paul wrote it while bored in 3 minutes. Seriously, "Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong" is not a lyric. Even the singing sounds bored.

The ending is forced as hell as well, just a fade out in a place where we would expect the song to continue ad nauseum. Just goes to show how boring and repetitive this song is.

HOW PAUL GOT AWAY WITH IT: Considering this is so often on lists of "Worst Christmas songs of all time" I'd say that he didn't. Just goes to show that when Paul tries to copy John his attempts always seem to fail, be it on Christmas or any other time.

Happy Holidays, all!

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Dominic said...

Hey man, just want to say I've read through your whole back cataloge now and it's all hilarious - so thanks for writing it all and stuff (: Keep going! YEY!


This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.