Friday, May 14, 2010


PMCPP Analysis #21

Key: F Major
Rhythm: N/A

Getting the other song from Paulies newest "Memory Almost Full" album out of the way here, this one based on a left handed mandolin Paul randomly picked up and wrote a song on gleefully... all without learning how to play the blasted thing!

THE MANDOLIN: The chords played in this song aren't real mandolin chords in the sense that you'd find them on most chord charts for mandolin. No, these are basically the Mando equivalent of D, G and A on a guitar, chords that work but are so open that only the most uncoordinated of chimpanzees could not play them.

Yeah. Picking up a mandolin I was able to figure out those three chords without even LOOKING at a chord chart. And it took about 10 minutes. Nice research into the intricacies of the instrument, Paul! Plus, because he couldn't figure out the difficulties of singing it a key higher, so he tuned the instrument down a step instead of just learning the damn chords in F.

There's one other chord in there that Paul himself was quoted as saying "doesn't know what it is". Well done again, I'd say. It's another easy as hell chord that this time he just made up so he wouldn't have to pretend like he only knew three of them. Basically it's the same fingering as those first two chords in the chart up there... but with his fingers moved up to the top string. derp. Well, if you want to look it up, the notes there are G-D#-G-D. Yeah. So basically it's not even really a chord at all, kind of a ii chord with a 5th and a #5th in it. No third, naturally.

LAZINESS IN SONGWRITING: As with any good lazy song, it's our old three friends I-IV-V making up about 90% of the song, in the order of I-V-I-V-IV-V-I the entire song, which gives the song the added bonus of having 90% of that 90% be just I and V chords repeated over and over again. That weird ass ii chord is also in play at the start of the bridges, but only for a measure or two each time.

The drum part, if you want to really call it a part, is incredibly minimal, mostly just hitting the bass drum the entire song in quarter notes. And when I say the entire song, I mean it. The song opens with the bass drum and closes with those loud bashes on it still going. Once in a blue moon he makes the part turn a few eighth notes loose. It does stop for half a verse until it goes into the patented Rock and Roll beat that Paul's played previously in... everything else he's ever drummed in.

The Bass part is hitting root notes the entire time and the guitar is... doing whatever it wants to, it seems. It's got a little solo, but other than that it doesn't seem to be doing anything else in particular.

And don't get me started on the lyrics. "everybody gonna dance tonight/everybody gonna feel all right/everybody gonna dance around tonight" sounds like something from a Joe Scruggs tape, not from the guy who wrote "Hey Jude". And if you don't know who Joe Scruggs is, kill yourself. That was my childhood ;_;

WHY PAUL GOT AWAY WITH IT: He's Paul McCartney and it was 2008, he can do whatever he damn well pleases and people will still buy it! That and maybe the thrill of hearing Paul screw up a mandolin for the first time appealed to some people?


This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.