Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PMCPP Presents: Ever Present Past

PMCPP Analysis #16
KEY: C Major

This is really me going off on a random Tangent. This'll be one of two songs from the Memory Almost Full album I'll do, I prefer picking on his Beatles stuff more than solo material. The reason this is being posted is mainly due to me finding this video of Paul showing us how to play this one, and it's almost laughable how easy he continues to tell us it is. I'll be doing a slightly different format this time around since it's more of a mini-analysis tangent than anything.

THE GUITAR: Wow. Well among all those chords on the acoustic you'll notice he's pretty much doing nothing but basic first position chords on that guitar. You know, that group of chords most college kids learn and play every "arrangement" they use with? That's all he's got here. Hell, he's not even playing the usual Barre version of F, he's got the 4 string easy-way-out version going there. Even better is that he actually skips a bunch of the song on guitar on the studio recording, it's just drum and bass.

The Electrics are a bit more innovative. And by "innovative" I mean "not overly cliche." And by "electrics" I mean his Casio. The Gibson is quite literally just banging away on a high G for the intro and that's it. It's basically Getting Better without the other notes making it sound good. The little D-F-C riff is pretty nifty, but he does his usual gambit of repeating it ad-nauseum until I can't bear to hear it anymore. It's also a lot more muddy on the actual recording than it is in the video. In fact, the video version is pretty much head and shoulders above the official recording, maybe he should re-release the single with that little abridged version he did.

Other than that all we have are those barre chords he finally does pull off on his Casio during the chorus, plus a couple of weird... seemingly random bursts of notes on the other electric spread neatly around the song.

Some of the sounds in guitar on the recording are way too scratchy to be considered a real guitar track, I think. It sounds like he's just slashing the strings with a pick on the frets themselves sometimes.

THE PERCUSSION: Ah, another installment of PMCPP, (the P is for percussion!) I love it!

Apparently he has gained no useful drumming skills since Back in the USSR. Seriously, what the hell man. He even acknowledges how simple the drum part is. He can't just launch into it like a good drummer either, he has to get a few warm up hits on the hi-hat before he starts Cliche Rock Beat #1. And all this with a fucking click track!

Also note that the best "twiddly bits" he could come up with was really two repeats of the 2 fills he used over and over again on Back in the USSR. That is to say he never actually switches the drum he's filling on. We have a little 4 note fill on the snare and an eight-on-the-floor bit with the toms. Gag me with a spoon.

The fact that someone in the comments mentioned that Paul was a better drummer than Ringo made me facepalm harder than any other face has ever palmed before.

The "twiddly bits" thing is still hilarious, though.

THE BASS: Paul himself admits that this is basically made of nothing but root notes here. In fact, he even admits that he was going to fly up higher on the bass for some interesting fills... but didn't! Fail.

Also, dig that... interesting thumb picking style he does. I've never seen such a style. :/

LAZINESS IN SONGWRITING: "It's in the key of C!" As if we couldn't have figured that out.
Also, "I de-I, de-I did?" Really?

HOW PAUL GOT AWAY WITH IT: Well, it only got up to #10 on the Billboard charts, after all. ;)


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This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.