Thursday, August 28, 2008

The problem!

The reason I have not updated much recently is because my brother stole my Beatles songbook. I haven't been able to read various voicings and things to finish up some of the analysis I'm working on. (The End and Lady Madonna are both being worked on right now, along with the first PMSTDS analysis.)

Nobody reads this anymore, do they?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I was reading you blog, and I was just wondering… who are you to cut down McCartney’s playing? Seriously, just being fair... he has sold how many albums? He has won how many awards and holds how many U.S. and U.K. music records? I mean he's been knighted and inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, twice. And I could go on all night. What have YOU done? How many albums have YOU sold? Is Paul the best pianist no...but does he have to be? See if you are a fan or student of music, which I think you are, you should now that how complex a piece is doesn’t determine how great it is. Hey Jude isn’t elaborate because it doesn't need to be, but it still one of the most recognizable songs in modern music. Look you are entitled to your own opinion but I hope what I’m writing helps you look at things differently, because I think you are missing the bigger picture. Paul isn’t where he is today because of his piano playing…that’s just a small piece of what he does. He’s not Billy Joel or Elton John who are PIANISTS. Paul is an all around musician and doesn’t really devote all his time to one instrument like the fore mentioned artists do. *It is also good to note that Paul has never taking a single piano lesson, guitar lesson, bass lesson, voice lesson, and still can't read music to this day. Not bad if you ask me!!

UZ said...

You seriously read the entire blog without seeing the note on the bottom?

And to answer your question, 1. :D

Stork K said...

UZ, your blog is genius. I could not ask for more satire. I think johnnymusicman is missing the point of how one with a formal music background can ridicule an amateur citing voicings, technique, and theory; but still recognize the accessibility of that amateur's music. Your blog reveals the beauty of the aural arts- that anyone can make music if he dedicates himself to it.

Steve said...

What is PMSTDS?


This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.