Thursday, June 5, 2008

PMCPP PRESENTS: Hello, Goodbye

PMCPP Analysis #1
KEY: C Major
RHYTHM USED: A bunch of Chunk with some Ba-Dum during chorus'.

We'll start off our studies with a song that isn't outright a Piano song. You'll notice in quite a few of our PPS examples, the Piano isn't the number one instrument, but still thrown in because at one point in the Beatles career, he just couldn't resist throwing a piano into EVERY SONG HE WROTE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD RAAAGE.

THE PIANO: *cough* Er, anyway. This song actually hides that blasted piano way in the back, so it's almost difficult to hear on the sterio version since the Violas and guitar and whatever else Paul threw in there to distract us are getting in the way. Still, it's there, behind the "Hello, hello!" of the chorus, ba-duming away over and over. He barely even changes notes during the course of the chorus as well.

During the rest of the song, it's just straight up 3-4 note chunking on eighth notes, nothing really special. He DOES try and trick you into thinking he did something cool around 2:00 in by using the same chunks as before... but up an octave. Weeee.

LAZINESS IN WRITING: The piano isn't even the worst part about this, as this song is a textbook example of some of Pauls laziest songwriting. Besides the borderline stupid lyrics, (I'm saying goodbye because everything I say you repeat in the inverse, asshole!) the hook of the song is a C major scale ascending. You read that correctly. The hook, which is supposed to be what draws you into the song... is a stupid C major scale. Not even a rhythmic scale like in the old classic "Joy to the World" either. Straight eighth notes. Up a scale. Not any scale, but the first scale one learns in 1st grade piano class. The mind shudders to think what was going through Paul's mind at the moment.

"Hmm, you know what trick I haven't pulled on the fans yet? Throwing in something a 3 year old could play!"

It's as if the song was written by a man who had just learned how to play in the key of C and was a bit too excited about the prospect, coming up with an entire 3 and a half minutes of the same 4 notes repeated over and over. This song is the first example you'll find of a FCG song, as well. He loved those white keys, all right, even straying into the realm of 2 sharps/flats wasn't often found in his forte.

WHY PAUL GOT AWAY WITH IT: The only saving grace for the song being fully stupid was the fact that the melody and basslines weren't quite as much childsplay. But even with the jumpy melody and the thumping bassline, it's a surprise this song managed to fool enough people into buying it to make it a number 1 hit anywhere. I'm gonna go with Lennon on this one, I am the Walrus should've been the single here.

That's our first Analysis, everyone. Thanks, and stick around, there's plenty more to be PMCPP'd.


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This series and blog is totally tongue in cheek. I really do love Paul McCartney.